How to Get Rid of Homework Stress: Statistics Made Simple


It is 11 p.m. but you haven’t finished your statistics assignments yet? You want to get a high grade and you are not lazy, but doing all these tasks every single day is really depressing. How can you make this homework burden easier? How can you get rid of the stress you get day by day? The following tips might make your life easier:

  1. Organize your work time.
    • Define a time that will be used to do your homework daily. Some students prefer doing their home tasks immediately after getting home, while others need a break after classes and put off doing their assignments till the evening. Don’t have your homework time too late. Usually, the later it is, the more difficult it is to concentrate.
    • Choose a time when nobody will distract you.
    • Determine how much time it will take to do this or that task. Bigger tasks require more time for their accomplishments.
    • Start with assignments that are due earlier. Don’t put off doing your homework till the last minute. It is especially relevant that long projects be divided into little parts and accomplished daily.
    • Take a break between the tasks. To refresh your mind, listen to a favorite song for 15 minutes or have a snack.
  2. Work in class.
    • Be active. Ask questions if you haven’t understood something. It is better to clarify the intricate issue now, rather than lose extra time at home trying to find the answer.
    • Take notes. Write down everything important, and pay attention to the terms and phrases that were stressed by your teacher. This will be a good basis for your future homework.
    • If you are done with your class assignments earlier, you can start doing your homework in class.
  3. Organize your spare time.
    • If you arrive to school earlier than usual, this spare time may be used for part of your homework. Go to the library to do it.
    • Sometimes, when there is too much homework, even a part of your lunch hour can be useful.
  4. Organize your work place.
    • Choose a quiet place to work.
    • Prepare a checklist of assignments and their due dates. Cross out the tasks that have been completed. It will show you that the amount of homework is gradually decreasing.
  5. Enjoy the process.

If you like doing your home assignments, the stress eliminates. Remember, as soon as your homework is done, you are free and can do whatever you want.

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