Doing Math Homework With Kids Who Go To A Kindergarten: Tips For Parents

Kindergarten is a pivotal stage any child’s life. At this time, many likes and dislikes are decided and special care must be taken when trying to work with them. Parents are often really excited about their offspring’s education and with good reason, however they must be extra careful not to spook the young one. Here are some tips for parents who wish to help their kids with their math homework:

  1. Make it fun
  2. As a young child, the world is your play ground and everything is a new adventure. Find ways of engaging your child’s interest and senses. Make everything colorful and jolly, never let them understand the seriousness of the matter.

  3. Don’t press too hard
  4. It is important to you that your child does well with their homework, but it is equally important not to press too hard for performance. Children have a mind of their own, so give them time, take the opportunity to help when they show interest. What you can do is present the work to them and see how they respond.

  5. Remember they are young
  6. As a preschooler, they will not necessarily understand the gravity of the situation, so don’t be discouraged if they show little or no interest in the work now. They have a lot of growing to do, much change can happen.

  7. Use music or songs
  8. One of the easiest ways to remember a fact is through repetition, and one of the easiest things to repeat is a song. Find educational songs with mathematical themes and play them for your child, you may be surprised at how quickly they learn.

  9. Pictures
  10. Children like pictures and colorful things. Many pictures and comics can be found depicting different math situations and these can prove useful in sparking interest in a young preschooler.

  11. Educational television programs
  12. Many programs exist on television that teach kids about numbers. Check your TV guide and play them for your infant, they may help make this subject fun for your young one.

  13. Use the internet
  14. The internet contains many educational videos made by professionals. A simple search should provide you with many of these videos, you can then browse them to ensure quality, and play them for your children.

  15. Educational games
  16. Many educational games exist that seek to teach kids about math. They may cost a buck, but have proven instrumental in sparking interest in preschoolers.

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