How to get highly motivated to do boring homework assignments.

After a long day at School or College it is difficult to have the discipline and focus to sit down and do more work. This is doubly difficult if the assignment is just plain boring!! If the subject area or the actual task does not enthuse you in any way, it’s just going to be like you are trying to swim against a tide.

First, you need to decide the main reason why you don't feel motivated to do the assignment:

  1. You are tired. Take a break, grab a snack and do something other than homework, watch TV for a little while, read a chapter of the novel you are currently reading, go for a walk, just chill out with your family or chat with a friend for a little while. Try to be firm with yourself that you are just having a 'break', not an extended vacation.
  2. You do not like the subject. We all have a favourite subjects and subjects that we really do not like. If you don't like the subject then try to think about the reason why it is part of the curriculum. A lot of students do not like History, if you are one of these students then think about how things that happened in the past have affected our daily lives. If you are a great fan or Science and Technology you will be amazed when you realise how History has influenced innovations in those areas.
  3. You don't understand the task. Sometimes when you are given the instructions for the homework, all seems crystal clear – you get home and the assignment seems like a foreign language! Read through the instructions again, this time break the assignment down into manageable chunks. Highlight the areas that you feel you may have difficulty with and will need some additional help or information. Brainstorm ideas, Set out a realistic plan based on your other commitments. Or, alternatively, get assignment help online in New Zealand.
  4. You would really like to spend some time with your friends. Your friends may not have the same homework assignments as you, and they are having fun and you’re not. If they do have the same homework as you, why not make a homework study group. That way you get chance to bounce ideas around, support each other and spend time in each other’s company.

Once you have identified the main reason for your lack of motivation, think about giving yourself a reward for each goal you achieve, whether it is sitting down and staying on task for an hour (time yourself) or completing the research for your project, make sure that you give yourself recognition for the achievement even if it just a candy bar and 10 minutes away from your work.

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