Searching for Free Math Homework Help for First Graders

Many first graders have difficulties with math homework. As a parent, you can help your child get over these problems by using efficient tools for home learning. Here is a brief guide to finding the best free math help online.

  • Free worksheets.
  • Free printable first grade math worksheets can easily be discovered online – just enter a respective query in your search engine. Each worksheet contains several math tasks related to a particular topic. Print the sheet and have your child solve them. Make sure that your kid understands the assignment. He or she may need to watch a video lesson first, or hear your explanations.

    As for the selection of websites to download free worksheets from, there are lots of resources with excellent math sheets. You may use a different website each time so that your child gets the experience of solving tasks that are presented in slightly different ways.

  • Math learning games.
  • If your kid likes video or mobile games, you can use this passion to foster his or her interest in math. Look for online math games for first graders on the Internet. A great variety of such games is found on specialized math homework help websites, and almost all of them are free to play. Select several games on the topic your child has problems with; e. g. learning numbers, counting money, or telling time. Offer these games to your child and see which one he or she likes most. For effective math learning, a game should be enjoyable and match your child’s individual taste. By playing a math game every day for 5-10 minutes, your child can build a skill of solving this kind of task quickly and correctly.

  • Video lessons.
  • Many first graders have homework problems, just because the teacher’s explanations in class are not clear enough. If you are not sure you can explain math to your kid well either, look for video lessons online. Math video lessons are developed by professionals to be easily understandable for children with different needs. Turn on a video lesson for your child to watch, then give him or her a worksheet on the same topic to solve.

  • Math curriculums.
  • If your child’s math homework problems are serious and persistent, you may need to use a first grade math curriculum. Look for curricula that have free trial periods. Try using them to work with your child on his or her math problems. If a curriculum turns out to be effective, you may want to buy it after the trial expires.

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