How To Get A Homework Pass: 5 Simple Tricks

Sometimes it seems that the homework will never end. Wouldn't you love the promise of even just one night off? It may be possible. An increasing number of teachers are issuing “homework passes” to students for good academic performance, or as a special treat at tough times of the year.

Are there any secrets that can help you get more nights off, courtesy of a homework pass? We have had a brainstorming session and come up with five simple tricks that may work for you.

  1. Make A Good Impression
  2. Always be polite, and do your best to make your teacher's job as stress free as possible. Sure, you may get called the “teacher's pet”, but a few more homework free nights are worth it! The same goes when it comes to your relationships with other students. Try to get along with even the most annoying individuals. It is a skill you will need to use for your whole life, you may as well start practicing now!

  3. Work Hard And Do Your Best
  4. This may seem obvious, but if you try to keep up with your studies, your teacher may see that you don't need more homework than you already have. This helps you as well. It is always easier to study for tests and complete assignments when you are caught up on the coursework.

    Demonstrate that you take your schooling seriously, and try to show an interest in the material, even if it is blindingly boring! When you are called upon to answer questions or take part in classroom activities, always give 100%. Who knows? Your instructor might just give back (with an added homework pass).

  5. Win Friends And Influence People (Like Your Teacher!)
  6. You don't need to bend over and shine your teacher's shoes, but help out when you can. She has a tough job to do, and no doubt appreciates students who make her job easier, not more difficult.

  7. Make Yourself Useful
  8. If there are menial tasks that need doing, offer to help out. If your teacher needs help handing out assignments or moving a desk, lend a hand. Same goes for your fellow students. If you see someone struggling with an assignment, help them out. What goes around, comes around. Hopefully as an extra homework pass!

  9. There Is Power In Numbers, Get Your Class Together
  10. Gang up on your teacher...but in a nice way! Talk to your classmates about ways that you can work together to make the classroom environment more enjoyable for everyone. You could become an informal spokesperson for your class and approach your teacher with a proposition. Everyone promises no screaming and yelling for a week, in exchange for an additional homework pass. It might just work!

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