Effective Homework Solutions: a Free Online Dictionary for Kids

There are many different dictionaries available online that can be used for homework help. For younger students, kid-specific dictionaries are ideal. These websites typically includes easy to understand definitions, kid-friendly designs and an applicable vocabulary selection. For the best homework help, parents can teach their children how to use these websites.

Using a Dictionary

Although it seems like an easy task to adults, the ability to use a dictionary is actually a vital skill for elementary students. Using a dictionary can help students to increase their vocabulary and fully understand a document or story. Likewise, dictionaries offer students the ability to learn the correct pronunciation, spelling and parts of speech for each word.

Online Versus Paperback

Traditionally, students have been taught how to use primarily paperback or hardback dictionaries. Cumbersome and bulky, these dictionaries are limited in size by their binding. Additionally, many of the traditional dictionaries use tiny writing in order to fit more words into each page. For young children, this tiny writing can be difficult to read clearly.

With an online dictionary, students can easily increase or decrease the size of the page. Instead of having to carry a dictionary around, they can use a tablet, mobile phone or laptop to look up key words. This is an especially useful function while students are typing. Instead of becoming distracted from their homework by finding their dictionary, they can just type in the word that they need online.

Learning Similar Words or Phrases

The best kids dictionaries online will also offer related words when students search for a particular subject. Instead of just listing the word, “scientist”, these dictionaries will include related results like “earth scientist” or “political scientist”. This useful option helps students to find the right interpretation of the word, while also offering them new vocabulary words.

The Benefit of Hearing the Word

In addition, many of the online dictionaries will offer vocabulary files for each word. With a traditional dictionary, students must try to sound out the phonetic spelling of the word that is listed on the page. Through online dictionaries, students can actually hear how the word sounds with just one click of a button.

When it comes to finishing homework, using a free online dictionary is a great resource for parents and children. Kids can easily look up unfamiliar words that they find in their homework assignment and instantly learn how to say it.

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