5 Great Pieces Of Advice On How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Homework

Being a mom is not an easy job. Being a mom with children who go to school can be ten times harder. Every day is a struggle to make them do their homework. If they start, they will get bored fast and get distracted by anything around them. Trying to force them into it is not a solution; it will work on the moment, but as soon as you will be out of sight, they will go back to their old habits. Here are 5 great pieces of advice on how to get your kids to do their assignments….and not get too angry in the process!

  1. Make it fun for them! Let’s assume they need to write an essay about animals. If this means staying at a desk and thinking about elephants, soon enough you will find them playing with their homework half done. Kids get bored fast, especially when they don’t like what they are doing. Instead of pushing them into an activity they don’t like, make it fun and interesting for them. Take them to visit the Zoo for the day, and then ask them to write about the animals they’ve seen.
  2. Divide the homework-instead of asking your children to make 12 math exercises at once, ask them to make 4 exercises, 3 times. Make sure they will have a break to play between each set of exercises. In this way they will not have time to get bored and they will play in their breaks.
  3. Give them rewards- make a deal with them: if they will make their homework in time for a week, they can watch their favorite movie in the weekend or something similar. If they have high grades on a specific topic for a semester, you will buy them a special toy.
  4. A little bit of competition is good! If you have only one child, bring a classmate at home and make them do their assignments together. Promise a prize for the one who finishes first. They will get into the competition and they will work efficiently. Of course, at the end, offer a prize for both children!
  5. Let him take the consequences: Maybe your child does not realize what will happen exactly if he goes to school without his homework done. In the end, you are pushing him so hard to make his homework every day, that he ends up doing it. To save yourself some effort, let him go without his homework for once. Maybe the disapproval of his teacher and the reactions of his classmates will be a reason enough to become more responsible.

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