A List Of Pros And Cons Of Doing Homework

Do you look at your homework like a help or a hindrance? Below are three negatives to receiving homework, followed by three suggestions on how to view those same negatives. Would you consider it in your best interests to view homework as a positive instead of a negative? Let’s find out.

CONS: A list of three obstacles

Homework is sometimes repetitive

You may be feeling as if your homework is insulting you by making you do something you already know. The same work you did in class is now staring you in the face once again. You took notes in class, understood the concepts put forth by your teacher, and made a mental note of everything discussed. Why should you have to do this all over again?

It gets in the way of studying

Sound familiar? There’s just no time to study for that exam because of the homework pile that’s pressing you for completion. Aren’t your teachers emphasizing how important the next exam is for your final grade? Then why all the homework? You’ve got studying to do!

There’s just too much!

Several subjects to work on and it seems as if all your teachers think they’re the only ones giving you homework. This adds lots of pressure to your studies and you start to worry that you’re going to burn out. A student can only handle so much!

PROS: Another way to look at your obstacles

Repetition is good

It may seem redundant to keep going over the same work three or four times, but this is done so that it sticks. You are less likely to forget a learnt concept if that same concept saturates your thinking over and over again.

Homework is a good way to study

Use your homework as a study method. Take the questions and assignments you’ve been given and compile these all in one place so that you have plenty of material to study from. Homework is given to students as preliminary preparation for exams anyway, so don’t see your homework as a hindrance to your studies—it IS your studies.

Homework results in dedication to the subject

Yes, there will come times when all that homework seems like it’s too much, but this is just a way of teaching you hard work and dedication. To cope with your workload, work on your time management. Schedule homework in such a way that it can be done without all the cramming and pressure you’ve always associated it with.

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