Thoughts On A Sensitive Subject: Should Schools Ban Homework

The reason why the banning of homework is such a sensitive subject is because everyone has his or her own opinion on the subject.  People try to look at the pros and cons of banning homework and try to make an informed decision.  This can be hard if you don’t have all of the facts.  If you look at all the facts it can still be hard to make a decision on the subject.  We can’t decide if homework is a good thing or bad thing for our kids.

Should Schools Ban Homework

  • Numerous studies have shown that elementary students don’t benefit from doing homework.  It is just extra work that they have to do that really doesn’t help them.  Homework doesn’t have an impact on the students until the hit high school but not of this is taken into consideration, when schools are assigning homework.
  • Most schools already know what homework will be assigned long before it’s time to assign it.  They create their lesson plans and the homework is already worked into it.  This means that students have to do the work no matter if they understand the subject or not.  Homework should be used to help them learn not something that is just assigned because they can.
  • Kindergarteners to twelfth grade students should get between eight and ten hours of sleep a night to be in their best shape but most students don’t get this because of homework.  Let’s say we have a sixth grader and they get home from school at 3:30pm, the get a snack and then go to soccer practice at 4:30pm, they are their till 6:30pm go home and eat dinner and by the time they are done it’s almost 8:00pm.  They still have homework to do, let’s say they are going by the ten-minute rule and the student has sixty minutes of homework.  They finish it and get a shower and go to bed around ten.  This is just an example on how easy it is for the day to fly by and if a student has more homework or other activities that day then they will get little sleep that night.

Students spend seven to eight hours in school a day and then are expected to do extra work daily.  I’m not saying that homework is bad but I do think that is doesn’t need to be a daily occurrence.  Students should only have homework if it is absolutely necessary to help them learn better and not just an assignment that was thought up about months before.

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